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The FlyingArrowService,LP company delivers planes, aircraft equipment, delivery of metal, logistics of the enterprises of a aviation industry.

All supplied products are genuine and accompanied by documentation issued by manufacturers or aircraft repair plants (passport, label, certificate, label, tag).


- Offers for delivery from the warehouse and ordering a wide range of ATI series helicopters for mi and Ka helicopters;

- Provides services for Agency maintenance of repair facilities (engines, units, chassis, blocks, etc.).);

- Sells airport and airfield equipment;

- Supply of aviation oils and lubricants, rubber products, bearings;

 Sales of lighting equipment for domestic aircraft and helicopters;

- Supplies a wide range of aircraft and batteries for different types of aircraft;

- Sells a variety range of metal (black, color) and according to OST GOST: tubes, rods, sheets, profiles, strips, plates, wires, ropes;

Offers services in delivery (both new, and with KVR), repair and service of engines for various AF:


  • Turboprop (engines of the family AI-20, AI-24, TVZ-117VMA-SBM1, MS-14)
  • The turbofan (AI-2E series 25, AI-25TL, AI-25ТЛК, D-436-148,D-436T1, D-18T, D-36 Series 1, 2a, 3A, 4A, МС400)
  • Turboshaft (MS-500V, TB3-117BMA-SBM1V 4E series, TV3-117VMA-SBM1V, TV3-117VM, D-136/D-136 series 1, D-136-2, AI-450M)
  • Auxiliary (AI-8, AI-9, AI-9B, AI9-ZB, AI-450-MS)

- Offers to supply generators AC and DC, servo and power the electric drive, the braking control system of aircraft, electro-impulse de-icing system, current collectors for aircraft and helicopters, airborne system of information exchange, hardware and software inspect equipment and systems, protection equipment, regulation and control.


- Inventory warehouse electric pumps, electric motors centrifugal, axial piston, jet; valves holding and safety; magnets, electrohydraulic valves; fuel assemblies; mounting devices; temperature controllers; 3-phase AC motors; DC motors; generators;

Carries out the supply and repair of aircraft and units:


  • Control unit BUPT 5M, 5M BUPT-1
  • The block of condensers BK 600-1
  • Block BZR 1800-1, BDP-EIPOS, boop-503 2s, BZU WOO 27
  • The control unit of the voltage of the airfield BCNA 115
  • Unit BURT-96, БРЗУ115ВО 2S, BRCU 220
  • Voltage and temperature alarm USLN 250 MB
  • The temperature alarm device 250 PLN
  • ATC device 3 V

Local control 1R4FF 03 and low current electromagnetic relay:


  • Open type ILV relay
  • Dust-proof Relay: RES 9, RES 10
  • Sealed relay: RES 52, 52A, RES 78, REC 88, 134 REC, REC 90
  • Sealed relays REN 34, RES 64, RES 91, RES 9RGK 37, RGC 42, RGC 155
  • Measuring voltage relay ТНН21ПОДГ


- Delivers the modern onboard navigation devices working on signals of domestic and foreign radio beacons of land and space basing (automatic radio compasses, radio compasses and other products);


- Consumables: sensor blocks of transformers and current transformers; power supply units of navigation equipment; on-Board electric motors; drive control sensors; throttle adjustment, saturation and filter; electric machines of low power; current converters; frame Assembly for aircraft equipment; pulse transformers;


- Power transformers; voltage transformers.


Availability of specific products, delivery time, stocks in stock, delivery time, you can check with the Manager.

   +7-967-047-7300 (Russia); +358-41-79-60-452 (Europe)


    4-5 Mitchell Street EDINBURGH (United Kingdom)